we not only help set men free from addiction, we help them re-establish themselves by obtaining their driver license, quashing warrants and fulfilling court obligations. We teach them work ethic, job finding skills, budgeting and money management, and reconciliation with families and children.

We counsel them in specific areas such as marriage, abusive behaviors, identifying triggers, alternative thoughts and choices, parenting, community involvement and service. They get experience with carpentry, landscaping, automotive maintenance and repair. They learn healthy entertainment, physical exercise, quality family time and recreation like hiking, moderate sports, swimming and days at the beach.

will manifest itself in many different ways. Drug addiction, pornography, abusive behaviors, depression, anxiety and fear are all symptoms of a deeper problem. When treating symptoms the deeper problem which underlies them, what we call a broken identity still remains. When a person continues to live from and in a broken identity symptoms will return again and again. When a broken identity is healed, or better yet done away with the symptoms will go away...this is the work of Christ: That last Adam, He became our broken identity and took it to the cross...He nailed it there, thoroughly annihilating it. Then, He became the first born from the dead paving the Way for our new identity in Him: His death, burial and resurrection "represent" the death of our own broken identity, the burial of our old man inherited from Adam, and the resurrection of our new identity, the new man in Christ...Christ in you, the hope of glory!
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